The Space Battles Prototype is finished!

Exciting news! In June, we reached a big milestone and completed the development of the „Space Battles“ prototype. Get ready for an innovative strategy game featuring ten unique units, offering both accessibility and depth. The universe is heating up, and we can’t wait to share our little cosmic cuddle game with you;)

Wanna sail with us?

As dedicated sailors of the gaming sea, our mission is simple: crafting enjoyable games.With each game, we pour our hearts into the journey, guided by the constellations of our core values.

Picture us as a crew on a sailing ship. Together, we navigate uncharted waters, embracing the thrill of discovery and cherishing every view along the way.
Guided by our principles, we steer our ship towards unexplored horizons. Our compass is set not by certainty, but by the love for the journey itself and the incredible souls we meet along the way.

We can’t predict where these tides will take us, but we’re grateful to share this adventure with you, wherever it may lead.

Wanna sail with us?

Current projects

Space Battles [prototype finished]

Step into an universe of strategy like never before with „Space Battles.“ This multiplayer strategy game offers a concise selection of ten units, each with unique abilities. Inspired by the dynamics of chess, it delivers depth without overwhelming complexity.
Accessible to casual players, yet engaging for strategy enthusiasts, „Space Battles“ lets you dive in quickly for short matches and experience epic intergalactic clashes without a steep learning curve. Sweep your enemies away with various victory conditions or team up against others.

Ready to conquer the cosmos? Grab your friends, or even challenge your mom – it’s time to play!

-Short matches
-3D comicstyle


Feuerwehrwolf [funding pending]

Things are heating up in the city of Burnham. While not too long ago the local fire department was occupied with rescuing cats from trees and clearing blocked drains, there’s now an increasing number of fires and strange situations. As if that weren‚t enough, Wolfram Brenner has to juggle his job, his personal life, and his new flame with his recently discovered existence as a werewolf.

Prepare yourselves for peculiar encounters, extraordinary tasks, and bizarre situations, and help Wolfram navigate the subterranean secrets of the dystopian city with his detective instincts and (hopefully) clever decisions, so he doesn‚t singe his claws on the smoldering mysteries lurking beneath the surface.

-Visual novel

-Dark humor
-2D cinematic style



Developer Boost

We participated the „Developer Boost“ in 2022 which guided us during founding.

45k Euro Funding

Our first prototype „Space Battles“ got funded with 45.008€

Core Team

Our core Team consists of 4 members working on our projects on a regular basis

Little Helpers

But thats not all! We got 10 additional little helpers which support us on various topics

Games since '22

We founded our company in August 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany

A Great Place To Start

We all met in university and startet our first game project there in 2018

Games since '22

We founded our company in August 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany

A Great Place To Start

We all met in university and startet our first game project there in 2018

Guiding Our Journey:
The Core Values

As we sail the vast sea of game development, we recognize the importance of having a steady compass to guide us through uncharted waters. Our core values stand as the North Star, ensuring that we remain true to the path we’ve set for ourselves.


    1. We are human.
    2.  Listen carefully
    3. Make a difference
    4. Honor what You do
    5. Never stop learning
    6. Remember Your roots
    7. Don’t exploit the players
    8. Sustainable company, sustainable games
    9. Have fun

Humility and Continual Growth: We understand that we’re all humans, bound by imperfections and the desire to improve. Our commitment to „Never stop learning“ and „Remember your roots“ keeps us grounded, fostering humility and a thirst for constant self-betterment.

Respecting Players: We hold ourselves accountable to our players and our planet. „Don’t exploit the players“ underscores our dedication to providing enjoyable experiences without compromising fairness.

Striving for Impact: „Make a difference“ is a guiding principle that motivates us to  leave a positive mark on the gaming industry as a whole. Meanwhile, „Sustainable company, sustainable games“ reminds us of our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint.

Honoring Craftsmanship: „Honor what you do“ serves as a reminder to pour our hearts into our creations. We take pride in the craft of game development, treating each project as an opportunity to showcase dedication and passion.

Navigating with Integrity: As we traverse the unpredictable waters of game development, „Listen carefully“ becomes our compass, steering us to understand our players and their needs, while upholding our values in every decision we make.

Embracing Joy: Amidst the challenges, we hold onto the essence of why we embarked on this journey – to „Have fun.“ We believe that by infusing our work with enjoyment and enthusiasm, we not only create better games but also forge genuine connections with our audience.

While our journey’s path remains uncertain, our core values illuminate the way, steering us towards growth, impact and humbleness as we sail towards a brighter horizon.

Tamara Damjanović

Tamara Damjanović

Founder / Game Producer

After ten years in the filming industry, she finally realized, games are much cooler.
So she left to fight with all that german paperwork and became our game producer.

Darius Sins

Darius Sins

Founder / Lead Programming

He is the heart of our crew. Without his magic coding skills, we couldn’t bring anything to life. Paperwork would be useless and we would be sad.